Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dems Freebie!

WOW! This is hilarious! She doesn't even know what her job is. Palin makes it hard to take the Republican ticket seriously. Shouldn't she understand basic government as it was outlined by the founding fathers?

I feel for the Republicans. They had the tool to win this election and they turned their backs on him. Right now we are in the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. Every voter is focused on the economy. If the Republicans had nominated Mitt Romney, with his overwhelming experience as a financial "fix-it man" from Bain Capital to the 2002 Olympics to the State of Massachusetts-one of the most liberal states in the union, I might add. He could have clinched the election without trying. He would just have to post his resume. I consider myself liberal, except for abortion, and I WANTED to vote for him.

Too bad guys. Good luck in 8 years.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


"Compete for your honor. Compete for the thrill. Compete for your gender."

-Gandhi (talking about Manathlon)

It is time to create the Manathlon 2009 Games! We would like you all to come up with ideas for events we can do over the course of a year. We will do one event a month. Some ideas so far include:

  • 7 mile tendon run!

  • Sunday dinner cook off... with their heads!

  • Ice dive of infertility!

  • Nephew bench press of pain!

  • Trampoline Trickster!

  • Desserts of the desert!

  • Sumo kick!

  • Lion's breath of sudden death!

  • Bunny polo!

If you have ideas you would like to add, please sent them ASAP!

Thank you for your participation,

The Manathlon Committee of Pure Awesomeness

Friday, September 5, 2008

All Apologies

Hi you, I have not blogged or been social for several months. I do apologize. I’ll catch you up on the last year to save time. In the last year I have:

  1. Moved twice. It worked out perfectly.

  2. Had my second son. Well, Daniela did the work. I supervised.

  3. Nearly passed out from dehydration in the desert.

  4. Went to Yellowstone. Saw less yellow stones than I had imagined.

  5. Killed a deer with my fire stick. That sounds funny.

  6. Had a vasectomy… I am more docile now.

  7. Quit my job. No hard feelings.

  8. Started a company. Prelaunch is like purgatory.

  9. Finally accepted that I am a redhead.

  10. Turned 27. I know I did because MTV now seems juvenile. VH1 just gets me!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Dear John Mayer,

You don't know me, but I know you. I understand what you're going through. I want to help you. You spent your life trying to get into the limelight. You achieved your goal of being slightly popular with 12-year-old girls and 14-year-old boys that “feel a lot" but don't have a good excuse to be pissed off. So you sing your songs about kissin, lovin, huggin, dancing, prancin and all that other whitebread fun.

Then you looked at your life and thought, "I wanted to say something of significance. I wanted to be the best sensitive white guy with an acoustic guitar ever." You released more albums. You gained more adoring adolescent fans. You felt even emptier.

I can fix you John Mayer.

First, stop showering. This may seem like a drastic move but it is necessary. Second, wear only one set of clothing for each week at a time. You should at times substitute a sundress for your ripped 501 Levis. Third, get addicted to something taboo, like absinthe. Fourth, maintain this lifestyle for at least one full calendar year. Finally, try and fix all of these problems along with the problem of being a pansy while recording an album with a grotesque cover and a nonsensical title... I smell a hit! (John, this worked for Curt Cobain. It will work for you.)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Today's Teenage Emotion described in song is:

Teenage Love

When I was 16, I thought this song felt the way love would feel. You see, I was a grunge teenager. We thought Seattle was Mecca and Curt Cobain was Bob Marley reincarnate. By the way, they don't call them "grunge" anymore. The politically correct term is "Homeless looking smelly kid." The video is weird (or rather, ahead of its time... Just kidding, its really weird.) but the song is scrumtrulescent. It isnt gay that the name of the song is Tyler. Tyler could be a girl's name. Could be.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Feelings Are Best Described in Song...

Today's feeling described in song is...


This is the most romantic song ever written. You may not agree, but that just means you have a heart of ice and steel. Don't hate love. Love the Love. Love. Love.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

My 2nd Favorite Song!

This is my 2nd favorite song of all time. It means a lot to my little family. I put it on a compilation disc back in the day called "Chill Raynger Chill." We would play it for Roman when he was still in Daniela's tummy and he would go wild with movement everytime. When Roman was born he wouldn't react to our voices so we would play this song and he would move around looking for it. Marcus stops and listens when we play it around him. Daniela still tears up when we listen to it. It reminds me of a very difficult and eventually very happy time in my life. To me, it describes the feelings of overcome then overcoming. Enjoy!